ICC 2015 offers an exciting and extensive list of workshops covering a broad range of topics.

All-day and morning (AM) half-day workshops commence at 09:00 with a coffee break at 10:30 – 11:00.

Morning half-day workshops finish at 13:00.

All-day workshops offer lunch from 13:00.  The afternoon sessions reprise at 14:30 with the workshops continuing until 18:00 (with a tea break between 16:00 and 16:30).

The afternoon (PM) half-day workshop commences at 14:30 and continues until 18:00 (with a tea break between 16:00 and 16:30).

For workshop registration, see:
Monday full-day workshops
WS1       Next Generation Backhaul/Front haul Networks (BackNets'2015) (website link)
WS3       Small Cell and 5G Networks (SmallNets) (website link)
WS10     Advances in Software Defined and Context Aware Cognitive Networks 2015 (IEEE SCAN-2015) (website link)
WS11     Wireless Physical Layer Security (website link)
WS14     Device-to-Device Communication for Cellular and Wireless Networks (website link)
WS15     Advances in Network Localization and Navigation (website link)
WS16     Cooperative and Cognitive Networks (CoCoNet7) (website link)
WS23     5G & Beyond - Enabling Technologies and Applications (website link)
WS24     Visible Light Communications and Networking (VLCN) (website link)
WS26     Smart Communication Protocols and Algorithms (SCPA 2015) (website link)
Monday half-day workshop (AM)
WS27     Dynamic SOcial Networks (DySON) (website link)
Friday full-day workshops
WS2       Cognitive Radios and Networks for Spectrum Coexistence of Satellite and Terrestrial Systems (CogRaN-Sat) (website link)
WS4       Quality of Experience-based Management for Future Internet Applications and Services (QoE-FI) (website link)
WS5       Cloud Computing Systems, Networks, and Applications (CCSNA) (website link)
WS6       Green Communications and Networks with Energy Harvesting, Smart Grids, and Renewable Energies (website link)
WS7       Massive Uncoordinated Access Protocols (website link)
WS8       ICT-enabled services and technologies for eHealth and Ambient Assisted Living (website link)
WS12     MIMO and Cognitive Radio Technologies in Multihop Network (MIMOCR) (website link)
WS13     Advanced PHY and MAC Techniques for Super Dense Wireless Networks (website link)
WS18     LTE in Unlicensed Bands: Potentials and Challenges (website link)
WS19     Dependable Vehicular Communications (DVC) (website link)
WS21     Heterogeneous Converged Networks (website link)
WS22     Security and Privacy for Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems (website link)
WS25     Cloud-Processing in Heterogeneous Mobile Communication Networks (website link)
WS28     Next Generation Green ICT (website link)
Friday half-day workshop (AM)
WS9       Fiber-Wireless Integrated Technologies, Systems and Networks (website link)
Friday half-day workshop (PM)
WS20     Radar and Sonar Networks